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The Wraith invasion is here!
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Steve: Portrait by Owarell
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Steve: Portrait :iconowarell:Owarell 5 33
The Removal of Eddie
Owarell opened his eyes and smiled.  His queen was laying next to him, sound asleep, her pale pink hair lay in waves over her silk pillow.  It was time.  It was time to take what he should have taken in the first place.  It was time to get Eddie out of this cruiser, and dump him back over on his mother's hive.  Owarell decided, it was time he took his place at his woman's side, and became her first blade.  Carefully, he climbed out of the bed, doing his best not to disturb Incy while she slept.  He got dressed quickly, and headed out the door on his way to get his uncle.   Yes, the thought, Bob will enjoy this little.....mission.
He found Bob in his room, sitting in a chair mending one of the buckles on his jacket.  "Bob, what the iratus are you doing? I thought Leeta did that stuff for you."
Bob looked at Owarell, slightly annoyed.  "I told her to do it, and she jabbed me with the
:iconowarell:Owarell 3 14
Owarell's Journals - October 2011 (human time)
WD 201100100002
This morning was not good for Incy.  I actually saw her cry, I did not think she was even capable of that.  Her beloved
computer was not working, and she was freaking out.  I told her we could always go find another, but she did not want a new one, she wanted her  one with all of her "stuff".  Honestly, I am afraid to look and see what kind of "stuff" she has stored on that thing.  I wish she worried about me that much.
She got it fixed eventually, and was happy again. Only problem is that it works now, and she is always doing stuff on there, when I would rather her be doing stuff to me.  I looked over her shoulder once, she has an awful lot of pictures of different Wraith.  
This worries me.
Due to the troubles of keeping an eye on Incy, I had a small conversation with Bob, and he had a great idea.  Inject them wit
:iconowarell:Owarell 5 49
Owarell's Journal - September 2011
September 28, 2011 (Earth date)
I am going to backtrack for a few posts until I get caught up with current events.
I was in training for a long time. Most of that time was spent on Betty's hive, I do not know why they sent me there. Training went well, I was told I was a good student and I did very well in all of my classes. The only thing I did not pass was my Dart Piloting. They said I was too reckless. I think I should retry at some point, as I have calmed down quite a bit since then.
It was there that I met Eddie and his brothers. Eddie was actually a lot of fun, but I think he led me astray quite a bit. I often got in trouble for a lot of stuff when hanging out with him. Astor, he was always cranky and not very nice to me. Rocky was actually really nice though. He is wild still, but a bit more contained.
I also met Incy there. She was Eddie's pet at the time. I do not think she liked it at all. He was alway
:iconowarell:Owarell 4 12



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Owarell or Maelstrom
United States
I am Owarell, First Blade and mate to Queen Incy.

We are here on a mission to cull this planet.

Glad to say I have made a few friends on this journey.
Little Azreal is finally out of the pod!  Oh yes.  He's quite the strong little fellow, and has already started causing trouble.  You know, now that I have a child, I see that Eddie is nothing but a big version of a child.  They both act the same way, except my child is NOT sleazy.

Quite funny, he's already kicked Steve and Eddie hahahaha!!!!  

Crap, I better go find him, he wandered off again and Incy is yelling at me.
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  • Reading: Dart Manual
  • Watching: Incy
  • Eating: HUMAN LUNCH
  • Drinking: Incy's Coffee

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Nysot Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
how are you doing Owarell, since you have no shout box i couldnt leave a message to you. ourak is sending her love to you
Owarell Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
I have one now!!!! *nods*
Nysot Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
i shall drop a message to you!
saracaindica Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
stevepls Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
*laughs at Owarell*
Owarell Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
Really? go away. I think I hear the chimes on your hair salon ringing.
stevepls Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
I hear your queen on my bed. :iconstevepls:
Owarell Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
*sigh* I hate you.
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ThortheWraith Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hi Owarell. That indeed sounds like a good idea. I hardly know you XD
I just hope I can keep enough time for it. Nathanel is indeed very good for me.
Owarell Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
Yeah, well, Incy was fond of you.... well, I guess, not you, we still don't know you very well. We knew your clone... I think I just confused myself.
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